Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation strategy for Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance in Malawi

This Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Strategy has been developed to help promote community and multi-stakeholder engagement in the monitoring of the implementation of climate and disaster risk financing and insurance (CDRFI) mechanisms by various stakeholders in Malawi. The Strategy was developed by CISONECC and CARE Malawi as an advocacy instrument for a project called ‘Multi-stakeholder partnership on climate and disaster risk financing and preparedness in the context of the InsuResilience Global Partnership’ implemented with support from the Government of German and CARE German whose principle objective is to reduce the negative consequences of disaster and climate change on the development opportunities and living conditions of vulnerable Malawians by establishing a multi-actor dialogue platform for Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (CDRFI) in Malawi.

 As aligned to the principle objective of the project, the PME Strategy recognizes that multi-stakeholder engagement including communities and citizens in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public development policies and strategies is inadequate in most cases despite the national decentralization11 process which was meant to enhance the same. This also applies to national initiatives aimed at building resilience to climate and disaster risks where active participation of a wide range of stakeholders is inadequate. Some government initiatives like budget processes, which by default require active multi-stakeholder engagement particularly rural and vulnerable communities have often been scrutinised and deemed to be characterized by a lack of transparency and scarce participation of external actors

The Strategy is meant to be used by stakeholders at national, district and community levels. In order to facilitate a wider replication of the initiative, improvement strategies from the review process of the strategy will be shared with different stakeholders at district and national forums and networks.